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20 Jul 2022

Trung Dao

20 Jul 2022

Last 15th July, the Incubate project and the Crypto Payment Gateway project were kicked off at the headquarter of NTQ Solution. Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO of NTQ Solution, Mr. Tran Ho Phuong – Vice CEO of NTQ Solution, Mr. Mai Thanh Tung – Director of MPT Company (strategic partner), and other project members participated in this event. It is a milestone for NTQ Solution to develop new digital transformation products solve the existing market problems, instead of developing software on demand.

One of the five core values of NTQ Solution is continuously INNOVATIVE – being ahead of the trends to create the most advanced technology products that meet “World-class” standards and help global companies to transform digital better. Moreover, it is tracking record of NTQ Solution’s technology competence to identify the industry’ problems, develop the solution, and deliver the products that solve.

With these two projects, NTQ Solution is building a professional digital transformation solution in the electronic field (with the MPT Company) and the digital payment field (using Blockchain). Let’s find out more about our two projects through the below pictures!

1. The Incubate project

The Incubate project is developed cooperatively by NTQ Solution and MPT to provide a monitoring and management system for power stations. Many companies in this industry have trouble managing and monitoring the power systems effectively. Thus, the Incubate system is anticipated to assist businesses in more effectively monitoring the operation of their factories and power stations through data collection and digitization. Businesses may operate more profitably and efficiently with the operating cost reduction while increasing efficiency and reducing errors with the help of Incubate.

“The development of hardware products integrated with software systems is one of NTQ Solution’s strategic orientations. Numerous intelligent technologies, including AI and Blockchain, have been applied into our products and services in all industries, and so do factory management” – Mr. Tran Ho Phuong, Vice CEO of NTQ Solution. 

After researching the most significant issues facing the electricity sector, including intelligent tracking and centralized management, NTQ Solution collaborated with MPT Company, a leader in this area, to create an Incubate system. NTQ Solution believes this will be a solid steppingstone in creating similar management solutions not only in the electricity industry but also other industries, meeting the market’s increased digital transformation needs. In this project, MPT is in charge of industrial consulting, and NTQ Solution is in charge of technical research and product development. In 2022, the project is anticipated to be finished.

2. The Crypto Payment Gateway project

The Crypto Payment Gateway project is one that NTQ Solution is actively investigating and developing through the use of Proofs of Concept (PoC) and Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is an inevitable trend. It is particularly well-liked in the world of cryptocurrencies due to its benefits, including high accuracy, no need for intermediaries, high security, and efficient and quick online transactions. 

NTQ Solution has developed a new payment gateway that facilitates the usage of cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) for suppliers after a period of rigorous research and direct testing in many products. Now we can expect a new payment method that is open, automatic, and substantially less expensive than the current options.

“Into the Blockchain trend, NTQ Solution has quickly updated, gathered, and enhanced the experience in this technology field. Up till now, we have been building the Crypto Payment Gateway project based on preliminary assessments of human capacity, market demand, ability, and genuine challenges that many clients of NTQ Solution are facing.

Implementing Blockchain technology into our products demonstrates NTQ Solution’s ability to foresee and master the most technological developments. This is the premise for NTQ Solution expanding our ecosystem and collaborating with numerous major corporations worldwide. – Said Mr. Tran Ho Phuong – Vice CEO of NTQ Solution. Within six months, the project is anticipated to be implemented.

Let’s welcome the coming soon The Incubate and Crypto Payment Gateway solution!