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09 Mar 2022

Trung Dao

09 Mar 2022

As part of the 2022-2026 development goal of NTQ, the NTQ EcoSystem (NES) division was formally founded and has been operating since March 1st, 2022. Responding to the rapid growth of NTQ, NES was launched as a complete solution for developing management systems, quality assurance, and internal operating systems in the coming years.

Accordingly, the NES department carries with it the mission of building an ecosystem for NTQ Solution’s activities to achieve the following goals:

1. Building and perfecting a system of effective management and operation tools.

2. Increasing information transmission and transparency.

3. Improving organizational productivity.

4. Enhancing interaction and cohesion in the organization through IT application.

At the ceremony, Mrs. Ta Thi Minh Thuc was appointed as Head of the NES Department. “NES is determined to contribute new mindsets and ideas to the internal management system of NTQ Solution. NES will help NTQ to achieve its goal of being a global SI company with high flexibility and efficiency in communication and information management,” said Ms. Thuc.

In the near future, NES department aims to complete and deliver My NTQ application to all NTQ employees and the project management system for NOS department to improve staff communication and ensure the highest standard of project quality for all clients.

The establishment of NES promises to bring a new transformation in the organizational structure of NTQ Solution. Thereby, the breakthrough strategies of NTQ Solution in 2022 will be “speed up” implemented, contributing to conquering global goals in the 3rd 5-year plan of NTQ Solution.