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22 Aug 2022

Trung Dao

22 Aug 2022

On August 21st, NTQ organized the journey “Incubate the kindness 2022” to share the misfortune with the elderly and young children living in Social Protection Center III in Hanoi.

From 5 a.m, 13 members were in attendance in the company to move the packages to the car. Even though it was pouring, everybody felt enthusiastic and excited because it was all about sharing with the community.

Mrs. Giang Ta – a member – said: “The center is raising over 80 children, mostly abandoned or orphans, lacking family love from very little. However, the most emotional moment for me as a mother was when those kids sang the song “We are not alone.” It felt like my heart was choking. At that moment, I did feel like I wanted to do more and more to help them have a better and happy life”.

Mrs. Bich Chi – leader of NTQ’s X-Comtor department – also shared: “From the beginning, I joined this trip because I want to share the love with vulnerable people. At last, I found out it seemed like I was the one who received more. Many elderly there are of my grandparents’ ages. They were delighted when they saw us coming and kept talking about many things. After this trip, I will try to spend more time visiting and talking to them”.

The Social Protection Center III is now taking care of nearly 200 helpless old and young people with minimal allowance, only 1 million dongs for eating per person per month. Therefore, donations from individuals and organizations are significant to help improve their quality of life.

“Incubate the kindness” is the annual event organized by NTQ, based on the core value “GENEROSITY” in our development strategy. Hopefully, this loving journey of NTQ will spread the joy and light up the hope for those vulnerable people that even though they don’t have a proper family, we – the community – will always be there to share and support them.

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