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07 Oct 2022

Trung Dao

07 Oct 2022

Last September 28th, NTQ Korea organized the “How to operate an Offshore Development Center (ODC)” webinar successfully, attracting over 30 Korean companies to join. 

This webinar is to support Korean companies to create new products and services faster, optimizing the operation systems by optimizing costs and resources with the ODC model.

Though companies participating in the webinar work in various sectors, they all have a high demand for digital transformation. In the post-Covid statement, Korean companies need to upgrade products and services and create new business models to increase their competitive advantages. There is a significant deficiency of IT engineers in Korea. And the pandemic also limits the investment budget for companies’ digital transformation.

The ODC model has become one of the best solutions for companies since they can use skillful IT engineers at an affordable price.

In the webinar, the guests asked many questions about the ODC model, the communication method, and the project management between Onsite and Offshore. All those questions were answered by two high-experienced speakers while they shared some practical case studies.

Mr. Park Jun Ho – Head of Strategy Development of Studio 3S JSC – said: “Among many tech companies that Studio 3S has met and discussed, we were very impressed with NTQ’s competency in technology and customer services. Then we decided to cooperate with NTQ to develop a warehouse management system. Initially, we planned to experiment with this model for six months. However, the results that NTQ’s team brought to us were beyond our expectations; we decided to let them deploy the project after two months of signing the contract”.

Moreover, he shared in detail about the cooperation process with NTQ, his experiences, and outstanding achievements when operating the project with NTQ.

Organizing webinars is one of the critical plans of NTQ Korea to expand deep cooperation relationships with Korean companies and create more value for the community by sharing knowledge about the outsourcing field and the newest technology trends. Hence, NTQ Solution is establishing a technology ecosystem to boost the connections among companies in various fields and create more sustainable values for customers.

Webinar record (Korean):