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31 Aug 2022

Trung Dao

31 Aug 2022

On August 26th, 2022, NTQ Consulting Japan Company (NCJ) officially organized the establishing ceremony at the NTQ Japan office with Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO of NTQ Solution, Mr. Ishikawa Akira – NCJ Director, and members.

It is a milestone on the way to transferring from the 1.0 operation model to the 4.0 model of NTQ, considering the creation of sustainable values as the keystone. Accordingly, NCJ will provide consulting services about technology for companies in Japan and the world, heading to be a company delivering Upstream service with high increment value. 

Operating as an independent unit, NCJ will provide an all-in Onestop service, from defining the customer’s requirements to the maintenance stage to improve quality and optimize the cost. NCJ also supports the communication between the customer and the engineering team to prevent difficulties from linguistic barriers. 

The establishment of NCJ is proof of NTQ’s dedication to improving competitiveness and innovating to create more sustainable values. NTQ’s development strategy is to optimize business efficiency by combining NTQ Japan’s resources with service centers in the company’s global markets. 

With NCJ, NTQ is proud to step to the highest level of technological services, providing full-face solutions to transform digitally for companies worldwide.

NCJ’s customers are SI corporations, End-users, and Solution Providers. We deliver three main services: IT management, DX, and Migration Service. We hope and strongly believe that NCJ will help NTQ make a huge leap in the Japanese market in particular and the world in general, achieving the goal of being in the TOP 5 Vietnamese IT companies in 2026 and a global SI enterprise“, Mr. Ishikawa said. 

With outstanding competency, deep technology knowledge, and professional consulting skill, NCJ will be the one that supports companies effectively in digital transformation, helping create sustainable development for customers and NTQ, and elevating NTQ’s position in the tech world. 

  • Mr. Ishikawa Akira has been working in the IT industry for nearly 20 years and accomplishing thousands of global projects. He is an expert in offshore development. With deep knowledge of technology, vast experience, and professional working style, he is credited by members and assigned to be NCJ Director.