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20 Sep 2023

T Dao

20 Sep 2023

NTQ Solution closed the first half of 2023 in August with many positive signals, creating the foundation to be ready for the important goals in the remaining period of the year. One of the highlights of the past month was the launch of NTQ Solution’s new Website, marking a new milestone on the journey to become a “Technology Navigator”. Let’s recap some notable news of NTQ Solution in August!

NTQ Solution unleashes the “Technology Navigator” aspiration with a new look after 12 years!

Recently, NTQ Solution has officially introduced a brand-new website with a fresher look, combining the ideas of modern images and UI/UX designs through countless hours of putting everything into reality.

NTQ Solution’s new website combines a technology-vibe inspired by the Northern Lights (Aurora Gradient), a vibrant trendy style of the colour mix, and flawless animation driven by the glassy motions to bring a more convenient, modern & optimized web experience for users. The new website is expected to become a trustful hub of the latest news about “Made By NTQ” tech service offerings, along with up-to-date trends & solutions to tackle global challenges.

NTQ Solution to sign MOU with Hivelab Vina to develop multimedia design solutions for global clients.


On 31st August in Hanoi, the MOU signing ceremony between NTQ Solution and Hivelab Vina was held in NTQ Solution’s headquarters with the participants of leaders and representatives from the two companies.

Hivelab Vina is a Korean-based digital agency specializing in multimedia design, branding, and marketing consultation for global businesses and enterprises. Established in 2018, the agency has achieved remarkable milestones with more than 200 successful projects for top global brands while currently operating Dream Station – A Coworking Space with a total area of 1500m2 in Hanoi.

Within the scope of MOU, NTQ Solution and HiveLab Vina will be joining hands to come up with multimedia design service offerings with comprehensive choices, ranging from UX/UI design, website and application development, new technology integration. These services aimed to help leverage user experience on digital platforms, contributing to helping businesses gain accelerated growth rates & competitiveness in the marketplace.

Read HERE to understand more about the partnership!

CEO NTQ Solution was featured in an interview article on VnEconomy about the impact of Japan’s Yen rate reduction!

Not only the first international market, but Japan also accounts for more than a half of NTQ Solution’s total revenue within the past years. Regardless of being affected by Japan’s Yen (JPY) rate reduction, NTQ Solution is still doing well in the market by coming along with flexible approaches & strategies to remain stable in development.

In a recent interview article published on VnEconomy, Mr Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, stated that the difficulties were all in the predictions, with already planned strategies to prepare for the uncertainty of the market. The strategies that help NTQ Solution reduce the impact of the JPY currency drop are to actively expand businesses in the new markets, stay up-to-date with the current trends, and build new strategic partnerships to create variable sources of revenue to ensure achieving growth rates.

Read the article in Vietnamese:

NTQ Japan partners with the world’s leading car manufacturer to develop GPS applications.

Recently, NTQ Japan has officially launched a project with a customer who is a subsidiary of a leading car manufacturer in Japan and the world. Accordingly, NTQ Japan and the customer will conduct the first phase, focusing on developing and forming ideas (POC) for an application that integrates GPS into car models, providing outstanding and safe driver navigation.

Winning over big customers shows that NTQ Japan can meet global markets and businesses’ high standards/ requirements. This is also the key for NTQ Japan and NTQ Solution to grow and expand their scale and presence in many countries.

NTQ Solution to develop Generative AI for a top Japanese infrastructure development corporation

NTQ Japan recently signed new cooperation contract with O** Corporation, with a scope to integrate Generative AI to help improve employees’ work capabilities 

 Specifically, the client requires an application with Generative AI bot that is capable of providing instant support to employees’ inquiries, including seeking insightful materials, connecting with O**’s experts. The platform is expected to leverage O**’s work performance to greater percentages, contributing to reducing operation efforts significantly.