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28 Mar 2022

Trung Dao

28 Mar 2022

Recently, two NTQ Solution developers – Mr.Hoang Manh Tien and Ms.Doan Thi Hien of NTQ.AI – achieved the Tensorflow certificate.

TensorFlow is currently one of the most widely used AI frameworks in the world for solving many complex AI problems, which makes TensorFlow is one of the most prestigious Artificial Intelligence (AI) certificates in the world. According to statistics as of March 2020, only 84 people in the world had obtained this certificate. Adding Tensorflow certification demonstrates the technological in-depth of NTQ Solution’s engineers as well as enhances the company’s competitiveness in international projects.

TensorFlow is a critical certification for project research and development, as well as practical applications related to AI and Machine Learning. The TensorFlow certification, hosted by Google, provides a comprehensive set of computational, data-processing, and model-building tools that make it easier and more efficient to implement an AI model.

With a shift in focus toward developing digital transformation technological services and products in recent years, NTQ Solution has invested in emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data (big data), Cloud (cloud computing…). AI is one of the key technologies and NTQ Solution’s top priority in its third 5-year development strategy, to 2026. Previously, NTQ Solution provided many AI-enabled products to Japanese customers, as well as incorporated AI technology into our “Make in Vietnam” product lines, specifically AI technology for image analysis, AI Video Separator, AI Recommendation, AI Teeth…

With a digital transformation strategy that includes providing services that meet “World-class” standards, NTQ Solution invested greatly in training the NTQ-ers to master and practice in-depth technological knowledge, thereby bringing the highest efficiency to customers.

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