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Client’s Location:

  • Japan

About Client

Our client is a trailblazer in the metal heat treatment industry, renowned for its pioneering contributions to the Japanese manufacturing sector since the late 1920s. This distinguished company was the first to boldly venture beyond domestic borders, setting a precedent for international expansion in their field. Today, they stand as a beacon of success, relentlessly pursuing their globalization efforts across Asia and various corners of the globe. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has earned them a place of prominence in the industry, and we are privileged to work alongside such a visionary force in the world of metal heat treatment.

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The Requirements

In an era of globalization rapidly reshaping industries, our client recognized the need to maintain flexibility in expanding their operations into emerging nations, including Thailand, Mexico, and China. Key objectives included upgrading and enhancing outdated server management systems in these regions while simultaneously providing technology support for in-house production. The existing systems posed performance and security risks that required immediate attention.

Security Improvement

The migration and enhancement process necessitated the abandonment of the current browser, Internet Explorer, in favor of a more modern and secure alternative, such as Google Chrome.

System Management Across Continents

The client's global-scale systems, particularly in Thailand, presented a formidable task due to their extensive scope, with over 700 screens. While smaller, systems in China and Mexico still encompassed between 50 to 100 screens. Managing this diverse range of systems and ensuring compatibility across different browsers was complex.

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The Solution

Given their similarities in operation, we initiated the project by focusing on the smaller systems in China and Mexico. The assessment phase commenced with a meticulous review of the source code using advanced tools, identifying issues and areas for improvement. This process ensured that our migration plan was well-informed and tailored to the unique requirements of each system.

Following the assessment, NTQ designed a migration plan and established a core infrastructure within AWS, acting as the "landing zone" for subsequent application and system migrations. A Proof of Concept (POC) phase was introduced to unearth any unforeseen issues and patterns that may not have been evident during the initial assessment. The migration process also entailed transitioning from Internet Explorer to the more secure and compatible Google Chrome browser.

Tech Stack

fusion chart
php excel
fpdf library
jq widgets

The Results

The migration initiative yielded transformative outcomes. The transition from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome not only mitigated compatibility issues but also ushered in enhanced performance and security. The successful migration of the systems in China and Mexico set a solid foundation for subsequent endeavors in Thailand. In the end, the client now stands poised for even greater global expansion, fortified by a modernized, resilient technological framework.

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