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Build A Best-In-Class Global Development Center To Solve The Golf Simulator Leader's Problems


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Client’s Location:

  • Korea

About Client

Established in 2000, our client is considered as a global leader in the golf simulator industry. With an impressive presence in 63 countries, boasting over 12,300 locations worldwide, they have a network of 39,000 operational simulators. Their widespread influence is further underscored by a staggering membership base of over 4.4 million individuals around the world.

The Challenge

The client has been faced with several key challenges, including:

  • Building a Global Development Center (GDC) to replace the existing local vendor,
    aiming for lower maintenance costs without compromising quality
  • Reducing turnover rate and ensuring stability within the development team
  • Providing flexibility in resource scaling, allowing for seamless adjustments by project needs
  • Minimizing end-user complaints and aligning departments such as sales, marketing,
    and accounting with the development team

The Solution

In response to the client's challenge of ensuring a high-quality IT workforce while focusing on business development activities, NTQ has implemented a strategic set of solutions.

  • Cultivating a ONE TEAM spirit with the client, fostering shared goals and mutual development
  • Streamlining resource preparation, achieving an average of just 2 weeks to allocate and prepare resources for new projects
  • Reducing the replacement, onboarding, and training process for new developers to an efficient one-month timeline
  • Implementing a cost-effective, no-charge policy for replacement, onboarding, and training of new developers
  • Integrating a dedicated resource plan section within the monthly report, ensuring a clear and dynamic onboarding plan for resources

The Results

The collaboration between the client and NTQ has proven highly successful, enduring for over 3 years. This period has laid a robust foundation for a strategic, long-term partnership between the two entities. Notably, all projects undertaken within this collaboration were completed to a high standard of quality and efficiency. Through this sustained engagement, NTQ profoundly understood the client’s corporate culture, working style, and specific development needs. This in-depth insight has positioned NTQ as a trusted and integral partner in the client's pursuit of continued success and innovation.

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