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An Accelerated Approach To Help Korean Company Commercialized Smart Warehouse System


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Client’s Location:

  • Korea

About Client

Studio 3S, a member of the Yudo Group with more than 40 years of establishment, is a pioneering company renowned for innovative digital solutions for logistics & warehouse management with over 20 years of experiences. The company offers tech solutions that helps businesses to achieve maximum logistic performance, minimum risk of damage & increase turnover rate.

To serve the goals of business expansion & diversed the product ecosystem, our client wants to seek for a trusted IT developer to commercialize their ideas of a smart warehouse management solution for businesses. As a result, Studio 3S & NTQ Solution decided to establish an offshore development center (ODC) to turn the ideas into a commercialized product with outstanding values for clients.


The Requirements

The acceleration of the world's consumption requires the modern supply chains to speed up at the equal stage to catch up with the high demands. As a result, the traditional methods of warehouse management might be limited to some extend, including:

* Higher probability of errors due to manual work

* Limited ability to have real-time visibility and control over inventory

* Hard to scale up for future development.

With the introduction of a brand new smart warehouse solution, Studio 3S aims to help business maximize the efficiency in warehouse management through a digital platform with capability to automatically optimize storage space, real-time control over inventory & rapid processing. The smart solutions help to improve the overall logistics & supply chain productivity, increase turnover rate with a significant reduction in operational costs & energy consumption.

The Challenge

The Released Timeline

Regarded as one of the capstone products, Studio 3S expects the solution to be commercialized at a soonest occasion. They require the development team not only be able to handle multiple workload, but also work closely with them to quickly capture the full requirements of the project, ensuring the solution to be released on time with a high level of stability.

Domain Complexibility

The nature of warehouse management, or logistics as a whole, requires a careful attention to every detail, from identifying the ideal turnover rate to calculating the frequency of storage filling. It's important to fully understand the industry insights to deliver the most optimal solutions.


The Solution

  • NTQ Solution allocated the effort to Business Analysts (BAs) with excellent Korean language to work closely with clients, ensuring all the team gain a completed transfer of requirements without missing the key messages.
  • Both companies actively organized sessions that provide multiple training sessions to help BA & Dev teams fully understand the core concepts of logistics & warehouse industry, as well as the specific landscape of Korean market.
  • Based on the situational analysis, NTQ Solution's team came up with a smart platform that allows users to monitor the process of warehouse management, inventory turnover rate, resource efficiency, report...

Tech Stack


The Results

* The fluid communication helps NTQ Solution's team quickly identify the requirement of Studio 3S, leading to the successful development of Smart Warehouse that match the needs of clients.

* The project team not only delivers the products with high quality but also completed 2 months earlier than the expected deadline. The client satisfied with the professionalism, especially appreciated Business Analyst team for excellent communication skills & ability to transfer exact information to the development team.


Voice of Customer

We value customer reviews because they are more valuable than any advertising.


We are really amazed by the outstanding capability, language skills, and analytical thinking of NTQ Korea’s team through the project. They demonstrated a quality that exceeds our expectations, which is truly equivalent to what Korean experts can do

Park Juno, Director of Studio 3S


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