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01 Mar 2024

T Dao

01 Mar 2024

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To enhance the quality of our service, NTQ Solution has officially launched NxDev – the first “MadeinVietnam” AI Assistant designed for NTQ’s developers. With a rich database and fast information processing capabilities, NxDev promises to not only reshape our working methods but also contribute to enhancing the efficiency of technology project deployment at NTQ Solution.
NxDev is the combination of a resource hub with insightful knowledge and the application of Generative AI. Let’s explore the highlights that NxDev brings to the projects at NTQ Solution through the following images!

Accelerated Project Processing

As a specialized AI Assistant tool, NxDev is capable of delivering support at an accelerated speed, from explaining general knowledge to generating or fixing code, and even programming as required. Based on testing results, NxDev’s performance is faster than that of the ChatGPT 3.5 version in specific circumstances, while still ensuring accurate information that meets the direct needs of the developer team.

To achieve this, NxDev is deployed on NTQ Solution’s internal server infrastructure, enabling the tool to process information rapidly, minimize latency, and significantly reduce the risk of clients’ data leaks. This solution enhances project efficiency while maintaining high-security standards, providing maximum peace of mind for customers throughout the project implementation process.

Massive Boost To The Developers’ Capabilities

In addition to its optimal performance and superior processing capability, NxDev possesses an extensive repository of specialized data. All of NxDev’s information sources are aggregated from hundreds of different knowledge resources, ranging from general IT knowledge, to coding & programming technique explanation. NxDev’s data system is also regularly updated and supplemented to meet users’ needs at all times.

NxDev is not just a mere assistant for daily work tasks, but also acts as an insightful hub of information and knowledge for NTQ Solution’s Developers. It empowers them to enhance their skills and capabilities, adapting to the goals of delivering projects and services of superior quality to clients.

New Tech Integration For Future Landscape

With the emergence of various new technologies, NTQ Solution has prioritized investment in Research and Development (R&D) activities, focusing on turning new trends into practical applications. The creation of NxDev serves as clear evidence of this commitment.
As the world is changing faster than ever, digital innovation will become a necessity in the future. The new goal of digital transformation will head towards creating sustainable efficiency, rather than mere acceleration. NxDev is capable of aligning with this mission by strengthening overall productivity, contributing to improving service quality, and generating long-term values for clients.

In the upcoming phase, NTQ Solution aims to introduce more integrated solutions with new technologies, elevating the standards of service quality to establish a solid position on the global digital map, to become a global IT service provider.

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