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04 Aug 2023

Trung Dao

04 Aug 2023

In a recent survey of 100 top EU banks conducted by the Europe Central Bank (ECB) in 2022, more than 60% of banks have applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their service operations, with more than 83% of banks believing that digital transformation is the way to improve performance with cost reduction.

The partnership between NTQ Solution and Sunrise Technology Services aims to serve the mass demands in the banking & financial sectors in the Europe region by bringing an outstanding digital transformation pathway to leverage overall business performance. Let’s look at how this cooperation benefits the clients in the BFSI sector!

NTQ Solution: “Our focus is to help leverage digital transformation in BFSI sector with efficient technology solutions.”

Within the past year, BFSI has been considered one of the core vertical domains of NTQ Solution. Besides providing successful projects, NTQ Solution has successfully established a global partnership network with top global & local players to deliver high-quality service offerings tapping the needs of BFSI clients, including TCS BaNCS, Swiss Re Group, MBAgea, AIA…

With the new cooperation with Sunrise Technology Services, a UK-based software development & consultant firm specializing in Banking & Finance, NTQ Solution has another quality extension to the current global partnership network.

Within the scope of cooperation, NTQ Solution accompanies Sunrise Technology Services to research & develop service offerings that create greater benefits & practical values to the needs of banking & financial clients in the UK and Europe region.

“Our major focus not just stop at the quality matter, but also a fully-optimized strategy that helps BFSI client to reduce operation cost, ensuring a massive improvement in service platforms for end-users and building new business models”, Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, stated,

Sunrise Technology Services: “The shared expertise enables us to solve critical challenges in the digital transformation of BFSI sector.”

CEO of Sunrise Technology Services, Mr. Thomas Nguyen, indicated that combining two companies with a shared capability in technology & market knowledge is a crucial key to leading this partnership to a bright outcome in the future. Based on the overall observation, Mr. Thomas provided some key insights about the markets, including:

  • Re-platforming would entail a complete replacement of businesses’ existing technology stack, which comes with several risks, not the least a considerable cost to implement.
  • AI adoption is in its early stages here in the UK as the government issues more explicit regulations to control the use of AI in banking & financial services. 
  • Many companies & enterprises are looking to outsource managed services to other countries, as traditional outsourcing locations have become costly. 

As can be seen, UK enterprises are eager for digitalization but face many obstacles. Mr. Thomas believed that the cooperation with NTQ Solution, an experienced technology provider in the BFSI field, enables Sunrise Technology Services to create practical values that help clients perform an efficient digital transformation, leading to business growth and competitive advantages in the industry.

Both companies shared extensive experiences in delivering safe legacy migration to new technology for many companies with massive loads of data, which is one of the most typical characteristics of BFSI businesses. That’s a solid foundation for two firms to achieve a successful partnership, together becoming the trusted service tech partners of top-tier banking & finance organizations in the UK and Europe!

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