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08 Jun 2023

Trung Dao

08 Jun 2023

The month of May was filled with great news. With the launching of a new office in Tokyo, NTQ Japan welcomed special guests to come and celebrate the new milestones while discussing cooperation opportunities in the future. Along with other activities, we strive hard to prepare for new opportunities.

Let’s look at the impressive highlights that NTQ Solution has achieved in the past month!

NTQ Japan welcomed special guests to visit the S-tier office in Tokyo

NTQ Japan was very honoured to welcome many special guests from government delegations, partners & clients to visit & celebrate the new office at the heart of the Tokyo centre. All the guests impressed with the new look of working space and facilities, while believing the new office would mark a significant milestone for NTQ Japan’s development journey.

NTQ Japan has once again succeeded in building greater credibility with partners, clients and government delegations, expecting to gain more partnership opportunities. Through the new office, NTQ Japan is aiming to expand further in Japan by maintaining the core “world-class” service while expecting to be able to execute DX solutions with a higher complexity level.

NTQ Japan & Ministry of Information and Communication’s Delegation to visit Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office

On 18th May, NTQ Japan Inc was honoured to join the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) delegation to visit Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office under the invitation of Mr Kuroiwa Yuji, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture. The visit took place on the occasion of celebrating the successful partnership agreement between NTQ Japan and Rickie Business Solution (RBS), a strategic consulting firm operated by Mr Koichi Shibuya, Policy Advisor of Kanagawa Prefecture.

During the visit, representatives from both sides reviewed the achievements and evaluated the outcomes of promotional activities while discussing and exploring long-term collaboration opportunities. The Ministry of Information and Communications expressed profound gratitude to the Kanagawa government for its continuous support and facilitation of effective Vietnamese business operations in the prefecture. NTQ Japan is a prominent example.

Corpex, One-stop Solution developed by NTQ Solution and Japanese partners, appreciated by many enterprises!

On 26th May, NTQ Japan & EZDefence, in cooperation with Holons & Holon Create, successfully organized a seminar to introduce the One-stop Corpex solution in Kanagawa, Japan, attracting representatives from approx. 50 Japanese enterprises & companies to participate. This is the first time Corpex got introduced to the public since the partnership signing ceremony in April.

At the event, the audiences learned in detail about the Corpex service, including the foundation basis, capabilities of each partner and service model through the presentation of Corpex experts. Many audiences were impressed with the practical values of Corpex while expressing their desire to apply Corpex to their business practices.

NTQ Solution heavily focuses on learning & development activities for employees

As a part of its long-term business development strategy, NTQ Solution believes that improving human resources’ capability is necessary to maintain a high-quality technology service and DX solutions. NTQ Solution’s employees are offered a vast chance to join different training sessions developed by the Learning & Development (L&D) department.

Practical & up-to-date contents are the core criteria for developing high-quality employee training programs. In particular, developers & engineers can select the “Rocket for Devs” program to improve their English skills for their work with foreign partners. Many other soft skills courses, such as management skills, leadership, and presentation, attracted hundreds of employees to join. NTQ Solution has successfully organized various training sessions for more than 10,000 hours per year.