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23 Jun 2023

Trung Dao

23 Jun 2023

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Through establishing a Full Development Cycle model, NTQ Solution and IT Supported expect to bring outstanding tech solutions with practical values to meet Australian clients’ needs for fast-paced digital transformation. 

Let’s see how we combine the capabilities to create client value through the information below!

Global Services – Local Standards

The partnership between NTQ Solution & IT Supported combines outstanding technology capabilities, global experiences and an understanding of the local market.

Specifically, with more than 80% of clients coming from international markets (+300 clients in 20 countries, NTQ Solution gained a solid understanding of the business landscape & cultural background in different countries. Combining with IT Supported, an Australian-based IT company with a solid understanding of the local market, Australian clients now have a new choice of high-quality partnership that prioritizes local standards.

Such foundations are the basis for forming the Full Development Cycle model that balances product quality & local service standards (Global Services – Local Standards)

Optimized & Comprehensive Solutions for Businesses

Despite being well-known as a market with ~$13 billion in value, Australian businesses still need help seeking high-quality IT resources. According to KPMG, more than 44% of surveyed Australian companies stated that the need for more skilled developers and engineers caused slowing down their digital transformation process. Such reality shows that the Australian market is in high demand for optimal solutions to speed up digital transformation in every aspect.

Based on the actual situation, NTQ Solution & IT Supported expects the Full Development Cycle to tackle these challenges for Australian clients. The team collaborates with clients in an entire journey from ideation and consultation to development, testing & maintenance. The whole process is ensured to be transparent with clear visions and goals that allow clients to control the performance & evaluation later fully.

Acting as an internal department of businesses helps clients to be efficient in cost & resource optimization for developing technology, contributing to maximizing performance and achieving long-term goals. From traditional to emerging technology such as AI, IoT, AR/VR, both sides are capable of delivering a high-quality solution to serve the clients’ needs.

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