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28 Jun 2023

Trung Dao

28 Jun 2023

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Taking Beyond Global as the core strategy, NTQ Solution has always considered the importance of investing in human resource development, a crucial strategy to enter new markets and leverage position in the global technology map. To serve this objective, NTQ Solution conducts a wide range of high-quality training session that allows employees to improve necessary skill sets, from IT expertise to soft skills and language development. 

Let’s look at how NTQ-ers are learning & developing every day through the learning & development activities below!

Expertise Training

Expertise development is one of the most prioritized contents to be implemented in the training activities of NTQ Solution, intending to improve crucial skill sets, master tech stacks & adapt the latest trends to deliver high-quality service standards to clients.

Our IT Experts at NTQ Solution are encouraged to join a wide range of courses focusing on tech stacks & platforms such as Clean Code, GIT, Azure, and training to become Tech Lead or Project Manager. Besides, NTQ Solution opens opportunities for employees to improve their personal profile by delivering training courses for credible certifications such as PMP, AWS, Microsoft, TensorFlow, Outsytems…

The core methodology not only focuses on pure teaching but also creates a space for learners to be more active in their learning journey through “Share to Learn” activities.

Soft Skill Development

As a global company, NTQ Solution has partnered with more than 300 international clients from different countries and cultural backgrounds. As a consequence, NTQ Solution’s employees must be equipped with the necessary skills to adapt to cultural differences and better understand the insights of clients & partners. Some noticeable courses at NTQ Solution that tackle these needs include Korean & Japanese Culture, Presentation Skills, Critical Thinking & Effective Group Work Training…

To fully understand the requirement of clients and have a better strategy for consultation, NTQ Solution’s IT Experts needs to have fluent language skills. Not only focusing on casual conversation, but it’s also crucial for developers to have fluent language skills & vocabulary in technology to work effectively with foreign clients during the whole project.

NTQ Solution’s language training approaches are designed to match specific levels & departments of the learners. For some specific markets, such as Korea or Japan, language courses will be available for employees specialized in this category, while developers can join the “Rocket For Devs” course tailored to the needs of enriching English skills in the technology field.

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