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15 May 2023

Trung Dao

15 May 2023

We have concluded a bustling April with great news, from achieving significant milestones at international events to receiving a prestigious award. NTQ Solution wouldn’t be able to make it without the dedication and relentless efforts of more than 1000 employees, speeding up the journey to breakthrough future goals.  

Let’s look at the impressive highlights that NTQ Solution has achieved in the past month!

NTQ Solution impressed audiences with high-quality DX solutions at international events!

April also marked the outstanding achievements of NTQ Solution at international events. For the first time attending Hannover Messe, one of the world’s largest technology & industry exhibitions held in Hannover (Germany), NTQ Solution has received various positive feedback, in which many European businesses expressed their desire to cooperate in the application of digital transformation solutions, smart products, and related services. Meanwhile, more than 600 partners and customers in Japan expressed their interest in NTQ Japan’s artificial intelligence & advanced technologies applications at Japan IT Week in Tokyo.

These achievements result from NTQ Solution’s relentless efforts to demonstrate its capabilities. Indeed, NTQ Solution always strives to deliver technology products and services that can flexibly respond to the needs of large markets. Besides participating in major regional events, NTQ Solution also implements various activities to shortly realize its “Beyond Global” goal this year!

NTQ Solution won “Sao Khue Award” for the 8th consecutive year

On 28th April, NTQ Solution was honored to be awarded the excellent companies in the category of Software Development in the 20th Sao Khue Award Ceremony in Hanoi, remarking the 8th consecutive year NTQ Solution has received this prestigious national award. The award is a recognition of the relentless contributions of more than 1000 staff in delivering excellent services & contributing to the development of the ICT Industry in Vietnam. Mr. Tran Ho Phuong, Vice President of NTQ Solution, came to receive the award.

This is the 20th year of the Sao Khue Awards, which has attracted 331 nominations. For more than 20 years, Sao Khue has been a credible award that honors the contributions of Vietnam IT Companies & Enterprises for their dedication, contributions & relentless efforts in positioning Vietnam on the Global IT Map. NTQ Solution is honored to be a part of this significant journey!

NTQ Solution to cooperate with HOLONS to establish “One-stop” solution “Corpex”

On April 25, NTQ Solution and its subsidiary EZDefence officially signed a cooperation agreement with HOLONS, a Japanese company specializing in UI/UX design, to establish a joint venture, “Corpex” with the goal of becoming a “one-stop” solution that helps businesses build an optimal product development roadmap, from the stages of idea formation to designing, manufacturing and releasing the final product to the market.

With another successful partnership agreement, NTQ Solution is stepping into another significant milestone in proving outstanding technology capability & expanding to a wide range of areas in service offerings for clients. The event is a firm foundation for NTQ Solution to continue leveraging its position in the global technology map, moving further in the “Beyond Global” goal set for this year!

NTQ Japan to establish a new office at the heart of Tokyo centre!

NTQ JAPAN INC, an international branch of NTQ Solution in Japan, has recently completed the final procedures to establish and operate its new office in Chiyoda, one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo known for its political and cultural significance, as well as being the hub for many major financial corporations in Japan.

NTQ Japan’s recent office relocation marks another breakthrough in its development journey, regarded as the critical strategic approach of NTQ Solution in Japan. Over the years, NTQ Japan has continuously expanded its presence in the demanding Japanese market and has become a trusted partner of many big clients. With the new office, NTQ Japan aims to maintain its rapid growth rate of 40% per year and reach the milestone of 300 employees (JP300) by 2026.