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09 May 2023

Trung Dao

09 May 2023

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At the beginning of April, NTQ Japan officially moved its’ office to a greater one at the heart of the Tokyo financial centre, marking a new milestone in the development journey. With the new office, NTQ Japan is getting access to the most dynamic economic area in Tokyo, increasing the opportunities to collaborate with top-tier Japanese enterprises & companies.   

NTQ Japan’s team has been through an arduous, long & difficult journey to move office from Yokohama to Tokyo. Mr Pham Thanh Nam, Director of NTQ Japan, stated that NTQ Japan couldn’t establish a new entity in Tokyo if the team made no hard decisions.

“Moving to Tokyo is a great opportunity for us to take care of our customers, expand our partnership with large enterprises, and, on the other hand, is a push to improve the working environment for our personnel. That’s why even before finding a location for the new office, we decided to terminate the office rental contract in Yokohama six months prior. It was a risky but necessary decision to help NTQ Japan quickly achieve important goals,” said Mr Nam about the first difficult decision in planning the office move.

NTQ Japan’s employees gathered in celebration of the new office launch

After nearly three months of researching, Mr Nam and his colleagues found a place that met all the criteria they were looking for: An S-tier office building in the bustling financial centre of Tokyo, right next to the Imperial Palace. Everyone was pleased but surprised when the building owner was very selective in choosing tenants, setting many complex evaluation criteria. This challenge was much more difficult for NTQ Japan as they had to race against time to prepare a series of documents, and proofs of their capabilities to ensure the plan was on schedule.

Hibiya Daibiru office building is where many organizations and large corporations work, so they attach great importance to maintaining a highly professional and meticulous appearance. Due to scepticism about Vietnamese working styles in the office environment, they have never accepted Vietnamese companies as tenants. NTQ Japan they were very thorough in evaluating financial reports and capabilities and even dispatched a team to survey the office directly in Yokohama to assess the physical infrastructure.

The new office has a grander scale and a spacious view to help employees maximize their productivity.

“It was really stressful when we didn’t have much time to prepare documents and had to face such a difficult challenge. However, we all realize that this is also a good opportunity, to some extent, to help Vietnamese businesses have a higher position and a more positive impression in the eyes of the Japanese,” Mr Nam shared about the expectations from this office relocation.

After nearly 6 months of facing many challenges, NTQ Japan has achieved a goal far exceeding the initial expectations. This is the result of the efforts and determination to conquer the challenging objectives to bring NTQ Japan to the most dynamic financial and economic centre in Tokyo. The new office will also mark the beginning of a new development journey for NTQ Japan, continuing to aim for breakthrough growth and promising development goals in the future!

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