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08 May 2023

Trung Dao

08 May 2023

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It has never been so clear for NTQ Solution to realize the goal of establishing its identity in the US market. In recent months, NTQ Solution’s leaders actively implemented various activities to explore opportunities in the US, including seeking potential partnerships & increasing its awareness in networking events. The attempts have opened up new opportunities for NTQ Solution to move further in the journey to expand business & set up new entities in this dynamic country.

Through exploring the nation and meeting potential clients, our leaders & managers have improved their understanding of the market insights and observed opportunities for NTQ Solution from these areas. Listen to their sharings to learn more about the direction of NTQ Solution in the US market.

Mr Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, shares his views after the business trip to the US

Mr Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, shared his optimistic outlook after a nearly two-week business trip to the United States. The trip allowed Mr Sơn and his colleagues to explore potential partnership opportunities, gaining a deeper understanding of the market through firsthand experiences.

Challenges are inevitable, especially regarding the US, a leading country in information technology and home to many renowned names in the IT outsourcing field. Through discussion with partners & clients, Mr Son has found insightful approach strategy to this market through understanding the local market and criteria for doing tech business.

“Building a suitable finance, human resources & business development strategy are important approaches to bring high-value and competitive products & services to this market”, as shared by Mr Son.

He also added that the recent trip had created favourable momentum for NTQ Solution to carry out essential preparations for kicking off the new office in the US soon!

Mr Tran Ho Phuong, Vice President of NTQ Solution, shared insightful values at a US investment seminar

Mr Tran Ho Phuong, Vice President of NTQ Solution, had the honour to join a US investment seminar as one of the guest speakers. At this event, representatives from the US Embassy’s Chamber of Commerce had an open discussion about doing business in the USA, including market insights, legal procedures & opportunities to shine in this market.

At the event, Mr Phuong stated that Vietnam companies have many opportunities to enter the US market. However, it’s important to note that many challenges will be awaited, including higher required standards, differences in time zone & communication skills.

As a company with a handful of experiences working with foreign clients, Mr Phuong shared some insightful business recommendations, highlighting the importance of understanding the local market demands, culture & working style. For example, NTQ Solution has gained successful records in Japan, Korea & Hong Kong by establishing a representative office in those countries. This is an optimal strategy to approach potential partnerships & attract high-quality local talents for future growth.

These sharings brought insightful information for all the guests at the event, contributing to the overall success of the seminar!

Mr Lanh Hai Long, Director of Business Development, shared his views about the expectation of US clients after the recent business trip.

Mr Lanh Hai Long, Director of Business Development at NTQ Solution, provides more insights about the business landscape after his recent business trip to the United States.

The first thing that impressed Mr Long was the dynamic and creative business environment in this market. The businesses here are very proactive in exploring new ideas and turning them into profitable business models. They are also willing to invest in technology development, especially interested in Asian partners, making the opportunities from this market extremely potential.

However, the demand for service quality is very tough. They may be very flexible in work but have high expectations in work efficiency, proactivity & communication. Therefore, it’s important to equip these skills to succeed in this competitive market.

The multi-dimensional perspectives on the market and building new relationships are the most significant achievements that Mr Long gained from his recent trip. NTQ Solution is focusing on improving human resources expertise to improve the capability of serving the needs of global clients, aiming towards more significant milestones at the international level

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