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08 Aug 2023

Trung Dao

08 Aug 2023

July was filled with countless achievements from various new and ongoing projects, creating a solid foundation for NTQ Solution to embark on the opportunities to conquer the growth objectives ahead. Let’s look at the highlights of some impressive milestones we achieved in the past month!

NTQ Solution partners with Sunrise Technology Services To Accelerate Digital Transformation For Europe Banking & Finance Clients!

Recently, NTQ Solution and Sunrise Technology Services, a UK-based consultancy & software development service provider, signed a strategic partnership to provide digital transformation solutions designed specifically for banking & finance sectors in the UK and Europe region, which is a crucial milestone to prepare for the upcoming establishment of the new entity in EU region, accelerating the “Beyond Global” goal!

Within the scope of the partnership, the two companies will join hands to research market insights and identify the core demands to build an end-to-end service that taps directly into clients’ needs. Through combining a solid market understanding and outstanding technology capabilities, NTQ Solution and Sunrise Technology Services can provide high-quality solutions with a wide range of choices, from AI Integration, Cloud Migration to DX Consulting Services…

Read more about partnership value:

Corpex Impressed Audiences With The “Experience Design Thinking” Philosophy in Advanced Technology Forum 2023

On 14th July, Corpex, One-stop Service, was introduced at the Advanced Technology Forum 2023 held in Osaka, Japan, with the participation of top global enterprises in AI / IoT development, including Honda, Renesas, Ricoh… 

Taking part in the seminar section, Mr. Katsumi Takahashi, Corpex’s representative, shared insights on the topic of “ .” Besides, Corpex made a strong impression with its exhibition booth featuring the HOTMOCK demo tool for automotive manufacturing, 3D modeling toolkit, and supplementary tools for accurate testing results!  

NTQ Solution’s Success in Global Markets Featured in Newspaper!

Last month, NTQ Solution was honored to be mentioned as the typical example of a Vietnamese business with success records in the global market, featuring in newspaper articles on Vietnamnet. The articles highlighted the development journey of NTQ Solution, starting by taking a serious investment with limited funding to seek opportunities in the markets, becoming a global company with 5 global offices and counting on the upcoming EU & American entities. 

Aside from talking about NTQ Solution, Vietnamnet published an article praising NTQ Japan, a business spearhead of NTQ Solution in Japan market. In this article, Vietnamnet mentioned the “secret” behind the success of NTQ Japan, consisting of two critical pillars, with technology as the centric approach, combined with “Made by NTQ” products to satisfy the particular market demands. The strategy is also making a significant contribution to the achievements of NTQ Solution in the global markets. 

Continuing The Successful Partnership, NTQ Korea & Studio 3S To Double The Cooperation Size! 

Regardless of cooperating for a while, NTQ Korea has gained solid trust from Studio 3S for delivering outstanding products with practical values beyond the client’s expectations. 

Studio 3S is a technology development firm specializing in process automation and management system for the manufacturing industry. The company is under the Yudo Group, one of the leading enterprises with over 40 years of experience in the same area. In June 2022, NTQ Korea officially partnered with Studio 3S to develop a Smart Logistics platform serving the Korean market. 

NTQ Korea has shown consistent professionalism through actively working with the client to identify the requirements and sharing the same ideas & thoughts. More importantly, the team constantly improved their domain understanding through training sessions and countless client support. Consequently, the team met the deadline and completed all the tasks 2 months earlier, passing the client’s expectations. 

“We are really amazed by the outstanding capability, language skills, and analytical thinking of NTQ Korea’s team through the project. They demonstrated a quality that overqualified our needs, which is truly equivalent to what Korean experts can do”, a Studio 3S representative stated, 

The strategic partnership between Studio 3S and NTQ Korea has been strengthened greatly, leading to the expansion in project size by the end of 2023. This is one of the typical examples of how NTQ Solution is cultivating a business philosophy towards productivity & “WOW” service. 

NTQ Japan Successfully Signed New Cooperation Contracts With Top Enterprises In Japan

NTQ Japan recently signed new cooperation contracts with two top-tier Japanese enterprises in education & finance.

The first client is one of Japan’s leading financial & banking groups. NTQ Japan will be responsible for developing the finance management software as a part of the internal platform for the client. Before the cooperation, the client directly visited NTQ Solution’s headquarter in Vietnam and expressed their appreciation for the security management regulations & policies, matching with the need of clients and leading to the cooperation.

The second client is one of Japan’s largest education product distributors with more than 1000 stores nationwide. NTQ Japan will be in charge of developing a web application to assist teachers in evaluating students’ performance with high accuracy. The project is expected to help reduce the workload significantly for teachers while ensuring to maintain the teaching quality & living standards.