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12 Aug 2022

Trung Dao

12 Aug 2022

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ILUTon is the very first product of EZPlastics and is also the pioneer product of NTQ’s Product Development Service (PDS). After three years of release, iLUTon has proved its incredible ability to help users prevent leaking their information. EZPlastics has upgraded it into a new version, iLUTon-R, to create more value for the customers and schedules to launch this month and has just received an order of 6000 cards for a Japanese government authority.

What is iLUTon?  

Established in 2017 through the collaboration of NTQ Solution’s R&D department and ACT Company (Japan), EZPlastics is NTQ’s unit specialized in manufacturing and developing hardware products with three main tasks: Hardware & Firmware, Plastic & Molding, and IoT & Smart Solution.

ILUTon is the first product that EZPlastics develops, with a big ambition to bring a smart security card for PC to protect users’ information in this digital era.

According to the investigation of IBM U.S, every leaking of personal information in Japan will cause an average loss of 300 million yen. Therefore, a solution to stop leaking data like iLUTon is essential.

When using iLUTon, the system will log in automatically when the users get closer to their computers and lock the screen when they leave their seats. The users don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock the PC when going out and don’t need to wait for the computer to restart when they return to work.    

In three years of its official release, iLUTon received many compliments from customers, especially in the Japanese market – one of the most fastidious markets in the world in terms of the quality and design of the product. It’s also the primary market of iLUTon. However, the EZPlatics team has always taken the feedback seriously, especially those about product limitations. After continuously studying, finding solutions, and experimenting, EZPlastics completed the premium version of iLUTon, iLUTon-R.

What are the differences between iLUTon-R and iLUTon?

The production team has focused on changing the design in both hardware and software of this new version.

With software, not only does iLUTon-R helps users log PC, but it now has a timesheet management feature. This new ability helps users manage their time and productivity more quickly, increasing their work efficiency.

With hardware, iLUTon-R has a round shape and a smaller and lighter size. It allows users to stick it on their employee card strap or personal items or wear it on their wrists.

Besides, with iLUTon-R, the users can change its battery to extend the product life cycle, save money and be more eco-friendly. Another thing is that this new edition is water resistant, which helps increase the product’s durability and convenience. 

Because of those remarkable improvements, EZPlastics can reduce the assembling stage from 10 steps to 3 steps. Therefore, the total time to complete a product will be shortened dramatically up to 14 days so that EZPlastics can grow its productivity, increase the number of products produced during a period, and hand over the order to the customers faster.

Which benefits does the company have when their employees use iLUTon-R? 

Information is a company’s life. Leaking a company’s information issue (including personal information of employees, partners, clients, or projects) can cause uncountable consequences for the company, even making it bankrupt.

According to a survey conducted about information security in 2018, the companies that participated in this survey evaluated the highest risk about internet security is from their old staff with 34%. If combined with the threat from their working employees (21%), it would be a 55% risk from internal fraud.

By using iLUTon-R, the corporations are protecting their information by guaranteeing that no one can access others’ computers without their permission. Indeed, this little action can save millions of dollars for the companies, compared to the enormous loss if the companies’ data were leaked.

The iLUTon-R is in the final step for the last check before being officially released this August.


Releasing ILUTon-R shows the “keep moving forward” spirit of EZPlastics, which continuously work hard for innovation and creativity to make better products to meet the market demands that consistently change. 

Moreover, it proves the professional working attitude and the outstanding working performance of NTQ Solution’s well-experienced engineers, that always look straight at the limitations, insist on finding solutions, and never stop until success.

That’s why EZPlastics made an impressive mark at Vietnam EXPO 2021 – the largest trade fair in Vietnam in terms of attendance and business turnover, hosted annually by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT). 

We believe that with this powerful spirit of innovation and creativity, EZPlastics will go far ahead and develop many more “World-class” products to support global corporations and organizations to thrive in this digital era.

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