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04 Jul 2022

Trung Dao

04 Jul 2022

The June is more active than ever with a series of NTQ Solution birthday event series and our strategic domestic and international events. Let’s take a look back at the TOP 7 NTQ Solution outstanding events of June

NTQ Solution and Tata Consultancy Services have officially become strategic partners.

On June 24th, NTQ Solution and Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) successfully signed a partnership contract to develop the TCS BaNCS solution in the Vietnamese market. According to the contract, NTQ Solution is TCS’s technology partner developing TCS BaNCS solutions for the Vietnamese market based on the globally proven portfolio of solutions for global firms. In the way TCS searched for the most suitable partner for this project, NTQ Solution was outstanding with its technical professionals, deep knowledge of the market, and extensive network of domestic and international partners.

It is an essential strategic event not only for two companies but also for Vietnamese Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) corporations and institutions. The center point of this project is developing the digital transformation solution, TCS BaNCS, focusing on the Vietnamese market. It means BFSI companies in Vietnam will have an effective and relevant tool to transform digital faster, easier, and better.

Let’s celebrate our partnership and look forward to our comprehensive upcoming digital transformation products!

NTQ Solution kicked off the digital transformation project with another Whale customer in 2022

With high-standard requirements for digital transformation solutions, it hasn’t ever been easy reaching and conquering whale clients. After many negotiations, NTQ Japan officially inked a deal with O***, a large geology company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Class 1 with annual revenue over $500 million.

NTQ Solution will construct an operating system utilizing AI technology to compare information between reports, increase high work efficiency, and eliminate manual work for O*** as a comprehensive digital transformation consulting and support partner. This project demands expectations in terms of standards, quality, and implementation time.

Having a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet “World-class” requirements, NTQ Solution determines the goal of constantly increasing the technology human resource capacity, as well as the ability to grasp emerging technologies and acquire in-depth domain knowledge.

NTQ Solution welcomed over 50 crucial partners to visit the company.

On the occasion of 11th birthday, NTQ Solution welcomed more than 50 customers who represented large international corporations as well as our crucial partners in Hanoi – Vietnam. To express our gratitude to the loyal customers as well as spread Vietnamese traditional culture to global friends, NTQ Solution organized a grateful party on June 12th in Hanoi. Customers who visited NTQ Solution in Vietnam had the chance to take part in a special gratitude party on June 12. At the party, CEO Pham Thai Son summarized a few highlights and thanked sincerely for all the truth and support of the partners and their presence to celebrate NTQ’s 11th ceremony. Moreover, to help the customers know more about Vietnamese culture, we prepared a variety of impressive traditional musical instrument performances using monochord and zither and art performances from professional Quan Ho singers. 

On 13 June, the customers had a chance to discover the office and the working environment of NTQ Solution. The customers were very impressed with our five core values: COMPANION – INNOVATIVE – GENEROSITY – DISCIPLINE – PASSION. At the Seminar, they had the chance to talk about their journey when working with NTQ Solution. NTQ Solution and our customers were ecstatic to talk more about the opportunity and possibilities for close collaboration between the two parties. 

After this memorable trip, we hope that the customers would know more about our core values and orientation and continue to cooperate with us for many years ahead. With the support of all the customers, we believe that NTQ Solution can win the target of being the TOP 5 leading technology company in Vietnam and reach the size of 3000+ employees in the next five years.

Look back at the highlights in the NTQ Solution’s 11th birthday ceremony.

The journey to commemorate NTQ Solution’s 11th birthday was finally concluded on June 13 with the Gala Dinner. Let’s look back on top highlights of this year’s anniversary series:

[1306.01] Lookback 

“Look back” – the inaugural event of SHINE1306’s birthday events – took place on May 25. At the event, NTQ-ers gathered in the Open Space area of 5 working floors to explore the NTQ Solution’s 11-year journey of growth and development. A video about 11-year history opened the “Look back” event, highlighting noteworthy moments and milestones of NTQ Solution. Besides that, NTQ-ers listened to and discovered numerous surprising stories from the management team, who have been with NTQ Solution from the very beginning. The event is a time for NTQ-ers to look back at NTQ’s history and speed up to conquer our goals.

[1306.02] Hanging NTQ’s Birthday avatars

To welcome NTQ’s new age, the second event of SHINE1306— “HANGING NTQ’S BIRTHDAY AVATARS” is in full swing at NTQ Solution. Not only in Vietnam but also NTQ-ers who are working in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and around beyond, joined hands to express their pride and excitement about this important milestone.

[1306.03] Send message to the future 

All NTQ-ers simultaneously wrote meaningful wishes on the lovely star-shaped invitations and hung them on the wall. The messages are different, but in the end, they all look forward to the best to come, especially when it comes to post-Covid-19 and Vietnam is entering the digital era powerfully.

[1306.04] We’re ready!

Reddy for the 5th event, The NTQ’s leaders team will meet and deliver the “secret” special items of the MOVE TO SHINE event, to the members. The running competition is highly anticipated by all of the participants, who are eager to have fun together and contribute their small part to spreading to the community.

[1306.05] Move To Shine 2022

The time came for NTQ’s “runners” to begin their meaningful journeys towards SHINE1306 – MOVE TO SHINE – running to spread kindness. With a united spirit, even though it was drizzling, all the members of the 22 teams appeared in the early morning and ran a total of 400 km, successfully raising 20 million dongs to help vulnerable people. We understand that this amount is very small to meet society’s needs. However, every great adventure begins with a single step. And NTQ Solution commits to continuously creating sustainable value, not only in providing “World-class” products and services to map but also in community activities to spread kindness.

[1306.06] Gala Dinner Shine 1306

On 13th of June, the Gala Dinner celebrating the 11th birthday of NTQ Solution was held successfully, with the participation of  800+ NTQ-ers, and more than 50 guests of honor who were representatives of NTQ’s global partners. At the party, NTQ Solution organized a ceremony to honor 27 senior members for their companionship. There were a lot of other exciting activities that marked memorable moments for anybody who joined such as “special” art performances, a Vietnamese traditional bamboo pole dance, etc.

As we turned to a new age, NTQ committed to unstoppably strive on researching, applying, and developing the most advanced technologies to deliver “World-class” products and services and leverage Vietnam on the global digital map. Thank you all sincerely, our partners, customers, and members, for your trust and companionship all these years. We look forward to continuously receiving your companionship in the years ahead.

Mr. Le Tien Thanh officially assumed the position of Technical Consulting Office Director (TCO)

On June 21, Mr. Le Tien Thanh officially assumed the position of Technical Consulting Office Director  (TCO). Accordingly, Mr. Thanh is anticipated to be able to give relevant and cutting-edge technology solutions, supporting production centers to completely satisfy customer requirements thanks to his extensive technical experience gained via a variety of projects.

With the development plan of NTQ Solution in the next 5 years, The Technical Consulting Center (TCO) is given the mission of enhancing NTQ Solution’s technical competitiveness and position on the global market while also enhancing the technical capacity of the project implementation team across the entire organization. We would like to send our best wishes to Mr. Thanh and TCO achieve much success in the upcoming journey, successfully completing the set plans and goals.

NTQ Solution deploys Fresher training classes to develop talents

One of NTQ Solution’s most important training programs for 2022 is the Fresher Program, which is exclusively for young individuals who are going to graduate or graduated (under 1.5 years) in Information Technology major. Students in this course will be thoroughly prepared with theoretical knowledge and practical experience through projects at NTQ Solution. 

This is your opportunity for training to advance your knowledge, and capacity to converse in different languages when working in a global environment like at NTQ Solution. You will be evaluated by PMs and Mentors at the end of the course and placed in production centers so that you can continue working on projects as an NTQ-er. Fresher training programs provide students with a very unique work opportunity in addition to professional training classes. Join us and discover other ideal employment prospects!

Fresher programs also provide students with a very alluring job possibility. This demonstrates NTQ Solution’s efforts to nurture and educate the next generation, build IT human resources for society, and successfully complete the mission of “Bringing together the top-notch professionals to build NTQ into a leading technology company in Vietnam, named on the global digital map.”

Become an NTQ-er global citizen with NTQ Solution’s English language route

Rocket For Dev is an English training program for all NTQ-ers that aims to provide a suitable environment for each person to advance their proficiency in foreign languages for both work and communication. The program series consists of 3 courses: Pre-Intermediate English Communication class (basic knowledge), English Communication Class 02 (common communication English class), and IT English 02 class (English class giving specialized IT knowledge)

Each member has to pass a test on 4 skills to be placed in the appropriate classes. All NTQers who joined the courses all agreed that the class was of high quality and they look forward to participating in the next classes. This demonstrates the NTQ Solution’s efforts to develop a global workplace with World-class standards in order to comprehend and provide our customers with more value. Join us and discover other rewarding courses!