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20 Apr 2023

Trung Dao

20 Apr 2023

That’s what Mr. Lanh Hai Long, Director of Business Development – Worldwide business of NTQ Solution, recaps from his 2-week trip to Thailand and Malaysia, where he had chances to meet & greet with more than 15 clients & partners, and took time to understand their current situations, the market landscape & some noticeable cultural identities. 

Let’s follow Mr. Long to explore his trip and learn some insightful key takeaways!

“Understanding local culture is one of the key tactics to enter the Thailand & Malaysia market”

According to Mr. Long, Thailand & Malaysia companies prefer working with partners with the same cultural background or having a solid understanding of local culture.

By sharing about the journey of going global, many companies in these regions were impressed with how NTQ Solution’s team understands clients’ needs and the ability to work & adapt flexibly to different cultures. Mr. Long added that many companies were excited to listen to the development story of NTQ Solution in Japan, expressed their concern about the working culture & hoped to implement the Japanese business model.

“Being active, and having excellent communication skills will be a great plus”

Communication skills are essential as well. Mr. Long shared that companies here seem to prefer direct discussion & face-to-face meetings during working together, which means that service providers & outsourcing companies need to be very active in communication when working with them.

“That being said, it’s essential to have a good communication skill & active manner at work when working with clients from these countries. It will become a “must-to-have” skillset for every business & individual, not just simply serve for a single objective”, Mr. Long shared.

“Learn by going” is the best way to understand the diversity of the SEA region

Being renowned as the home to diverse cultural identities, Mr. Long believes that the best way to explore Thailand, Malaysia or other SEA countries is to “learn by going”. One of his strategies to develop further into this market is encouraging his team members to go as much as they can!

“The more you go, the more you’ll enrich your experience about the culture and working styles of different countries. I can tell that Thailand, Malaysia and SEA regions are the closest chances for Vietnamese people to have a taste of different cultures. Hence, my plan is to keep opening new opportunities for my team members to go into different markets and scale up their network”

“Many opportunities are awaited Vietnam ICT Companies in the future”

To Mr. Long, the recent trip not only brought a new perspective on the culture and people of different countries but also gathered new insights for upcoming developments.

NTQ Solution is going on this track through a wide range of business trips and a long-term strategy to develop beyond the global scale. The team is currently working hard to look for domestic partners, develop new service offerings and localize products to serve the direct need of target markets. That’s how NTQ Solution has won the hearts of many customers & clients from many countries in the world, such as Japan, Korea & Hong Kong.