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20 Jul 2023

Trung Dao

20 Jul 2023

The cross-border project, as the name suggests, often involves multinational companies or enterprises, requiring IT experts to deeply understand regional differences in culture, language, and technology platforms. The project’s outcome should have a high level of synergy so that clients can effectively apply it to their operations in multiple markets simultaneously. 

That’s one of the challenges for NTQ Solution’s experts with the requirement of building a stable operation system for a company having a presence in China and other countries. Realizing the project’s difficulties, the team decided to take a trip to China to work directly with the client’s production team to understand requirements better, share expectations and gain more insights from the market.

“Understanding the local needs to solve the specific problems” is one of the core strategies of NTQ Solution’s team to aim for the best result in this cross-border project. Learn more about this project through sharing from our experts – Mr. Bui Viet An – Leader of AI Department, and Mr. Bui Duc Chuong, CTO of NTQ Solution, within the story below!

“We have to face with not one, but so many challenges coming from difference between the two countries.”

To Mr. An and Mr. Chuong, the biggest challenge of this project is to find a solution to build a system that can fully operate within the difference of each country’s platform while ensuring a fast connection between markets, especially from China with a well-known censorship policy called “Great Firewall of China.”

Besides the technology, the team also faced many tough challenges, such as the difference in the role of the operation team in each market, burdensome requirements & urgent timelines. Hence, NTQ Solution’s role in this project is not just simply to deliver a pure tech solution but also to act as the bridge to create a shared understanding between each market to aim towards a successful milestone.

Regardless of difficulties, the project team sees this opportunity as a golden chance to improve their capability further to prepare for a more significant challenge in the future!

“A hard challenge can be interesting if we strive to find the right solutions.”

The challenge is stiff, but an exciting topic that motivates Mr. An, Mr. Chuong and all teammates to find the solutions!

Right at the beginning phase, the project team quickly worked together to clarify the to-do list and evaluate the potential risk that may affect the progression & outcome. The trip to China helps the team achieve those objectives, bringing a clearer vision for planning.

With total dedication and hard work spirit, the project team gained significant milestones during the discovery phase, gathering a solid foundation to prepare for the upcoming execution plan.

“Understanding the local needs is a must-to-have key to winning a cross-border project.”

That’s how the team defined the goal to success for this project since it’s essential to have a clear vision of the regions they’re working for, how those markets differentiate from each other in terms of culture, people & even technical matters, and internal team differences.

“We all understand that there are significant differences between China and other regions, and the previous trip to this country helped us realize this aspect better. For example, we found that their internal team in China shared the same expertise with us, while others only focus on sales orientation, which might lead to a different expectation from each team”, Mr. Chuong & Mr. An shared.

Currently, the team is kicking off the execution phase while planning to organize many more biz trips to keep up-to-date with the client’s expectations. No matter what phase they’re in, understanding the local needs is always crucial to solving every tough challenge!