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27 Dec 2023

T Dao

27 Dec 2023

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Not just simply a technology firm, NTQ Solution has been actively staying close & connecting with the community through a wide range of contributions to society. Every meaningful act, from the simplest ones to the volunteer events, might collectively gather to impact the future generation positively. 

That’s how we turn “Generosity” and “Companion”, one of our core values, into practical action. On the last days of this year, let’s look at the wrap-up of our activities in 2023 through the images below!

Plant Donation


At the beginning of 2023, NTQ Solution’s leaders & employees donated 1000 cinnamon trees to Hoa Binh province to increase green cover over barren land, improve the livelihoods of rural farmers, and provide a sustainable income for their families and communities. The cinnamon trees planted in the protected forest help reduce the impact of natural disasters, preserve water resources, and contribute to environmental protection.

1000 cinnamon trees represent the image of generosity, humanity & responsibility of more than 1000 NTQ employees globally. Although the journey has ended, NTQ Solution is still actively coordinating with the Mai Chau Forest Protection Board to monitor and create the best conditions for today’s cinnamon trees to grow strongly and steadily

Blood Donation

The act of blood donation has long been an integral part of NTQ’s annual charity programs. In the final days of 2023, NTQ Solution’s members continued to spread this noble activity by collectively donating over 113 qualified units of blood to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

This meaningful act represents an opportunity for NTQ individuals to display a noble gesture, bringing hope for many patients to return to normal lives. More importantly, this act of giving is also an opportunity for NTQ members to receive positivity.

House of Batteries

A simple action can make the environment better. That’s the message NTQ Solution aims to convey through its activity of collecting and recycling used batteries.

Typically, many people tend to consider used batteries as ordinary waste. This habit inadvertently creates numerous unforeseen hazards for harmful components to leach into the environment if improperly disposed of.

Batteries are extensively used in various devices and machinery at NTQ Solution to support work operations. Therefore, the “Blue House Boxes” are placed in the working areas, allowing NTQ members to deposit their old batteries. The collected batteries are regularly sent for processing and recycling to ensure they are given a new life cycle, preventing environmental harm.

Book Donation

The contribution journey of NTQ Solution is still going strong, even at the end of the new year, with many busy tasks. NTQ Solution’s Volunteer Club is currently shouting out book donations for children living in rural areas. 

Many meaningful books have been collected and donated by our NTQ members daily, providing a warm & caring atmosphere across the companies. These books will be delivered right after the New Year Holiday, which is a valuable gift that motivates rural area children to overcome difficulties & nurture their learning spirit. 

Stay tuned for more upcoming meaningful activities from NTQ Solution in 2024! 

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